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A pony, this little animal is about passion of many people. Can be a pet, ponies invite themselves increasingly in our homes. Our site is dedicated to everything related to these animals over the years until the new tendencies.

A pony, a horse like no other

A pony is a small horse with a size of 1m47cm about the size of his shoulder. However, in Iceland, the pony does not exist. The Icelandic horse is considered indeed a good indicator measures horse 1m35cm high. In Scotland, it is the opposite, the Scots say they have though these ponies make about 1m50cm. So there are several types of Shetland ponies whose pony, the pony Welsh, Icelandic horses and ponies Highland on which we can use the antares saddles. Raising these animals resemble any point with the farming style of a horse with a reduced amount of food and supplies to do. This animal has always shown great discipline and maturity. In terms of hygiene, it is a clean animal. The climb does not require a particular discipline because it is affectionate nature.

The development of riding a pony

Riding Pony has recently developed on the continent. It was not until the early 60s that the first pony clubs have emerged, though the English have already exploited this area for several years before using Shetland as attractions for children. The other pony breeds that made English the reputation for their beauty and strength include welshs the Dartmoors and Connemaras. The rugged beauty is provided by heavier breeds like feels the dales and the Highlands. With the ability to quickly assimilate and beauty, equestrian activities with the ponies has developed view worldwide. Thus, all disciplines are accessible to these animals, either dressage, show jumping and pony hitch-game. National and international competitions are organized every year even in different countries.

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