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In Ireland, the ponies are now almost sacred animals whose maintenance is taken very seriously due to the extinction of some breeds. The "Irish Hobby" was well off after yet spawned two new races, that of "Connemara Pony" and that of "Irish Draught". Now, ponies are often good pets for Irish children.

The Connemara Pony

Connemara pony is a breed native to the west coast of Ireland, with the same name. Its origins are obscure. It has undergone many crossings over the centuries before the creation of the Connemara Breeder's Society in 1923 which establishes the characteristics of the breed in 1926. It is a compact but athletic pony that has most often a gray dress. The "Pony Connemara", like the "Irish Draught" ranks often jumping. This breed is appreciated as very versatile, leisure or sport. Peculiar both in the dressage as jumping, ponies Connemara are regulars in sports competitions of high level. It also uses much these ponies to cross with another breed: there are traces of Connemara pony in almost all high-level ponies . The popularity of the Connemara Pony has spread worldwide. France and Ireland have the largest herd.

The Kerry Bog

The Kerry bog is a very old breed of ponies draft, and pack, called mountain and moorland, originally from County Kerry in Ireland. Traditionally used for the transportation of peat from bogs, it measures between 1 m and 1.20 m and wears a dress usually bay. Its appearance differs from that of Connemara, the other Irish pony breed. Kerry Bog verges on extinction during the twentieth century, but this pony is saved by enthusiasts in the 1990s and is recognized as Irish cultural heritage in 2012. A farm register was opened to preserve, race is recognized in the United States and begins to be exported.

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