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What saddle for a poney ?

A saddle for horse can be chosen by a several manners, but the main thing is that it fits the back of the horse and your ass too in front of your both activities. The pony is the ideal horse for children but the criteria for choosing saddle are the same.

A saddle for you

Your place on the saddle is its seat. It is important that it adapts to the morphology of your ass, because it is not good to be lugged right and left when you are on your horse. Check the padding of your saddle to have more comfort, the cantle, the position of the cleat to hold your two legs. Panels must be checked to be wide. It is important to verify the attachment of the strap.

Saddle for my horse

You put the saddle on the unadorned back of your horse, so without the carpet. You check the width of the saddle if it is placed behind the shoulder and before his last rib. The strapping should be vertical and not sloping to the side or leaning. All parts of your antares saddles should be well on your back and not in the air. You will check the opening of the withers which must be free with the gutter which serves to ventilate the back of the horse. Without the carpet, you verify if you can pass three fingers. It's the same on the back of the saddle, and you should fill two or four fingers at the closure of the cantle.

The saddle tests

You should put the saddle to his nude back and let he tricks for 15 minutes. If the saddle does not move, it is the best one. And then, the second test is to ride your horse and see if everything is fine.

A badly fitted saddle can cause damage to your horse's back to the point that you cannot ride it anymore and that's a shame, so take care of the saddle choice.

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