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About Us

The company has a modern production plant and advanced production equipment, with expereniced industrial workers. The key components, most of the parts are from Taiwan. Our Technical Design Team comes from Taiwan make Hong Jun machinery
 reaching domestic advanced level in the industry.

Honest, Professional, innovative" is the business philosophy of Hongjun. "Quality is life, customer is supreme" is the service concept which Hong Jun machinery always adhere. In order to improve the production quality and service life of the machine, the company in different times to do technical training to customers.
The company has pass the national technical supervision bureau of quality certification and the national quality management system certification.

Welcome To vist us in Shaoxing, China!

Contact Us
Contact: Mr Teddy Liu
Tel :86-575-81179282   Mobile: 86-18368535335
 Email: export@www.usponyclub.com
Address: Foreigner Investment Zone, Qianqing, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Product Show
  • mattress ticking production electronic jacquard circular knitting machines
  • Double Jersey Circular knitting machines(Central stitch, central yarn carrier adjustment)
  • Double Jersey Circular knitting machines(Export model)
  • 6 track double jersey circular knitting machine for mini jacquard
  • Open Width Double Jersey 34
  • Double Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine
  • Reverse Terry plush Electronic computerized Jacquard Knitting Machines
  • 3 Way Technique Mini Jacquard Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
  • Double Jersey Mini Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine by three technique way selector
  • Elctronic Jacquard Knitting Machine Open Width Single Jersey
  • Single Pattern Wheel Mini Jacquard Knitting Machine
  • Coarse Gauge Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine
  • High Speed Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
  • Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
  •  Double  Electronic Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine