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Buying a used saddle

Nowadays, to equip yourself for a horse ride, you have to get the best accessory at the right place. A saddle, known for its use as a “chair” or a “seat”, gives you cushion and stability on the back of the horse. The accessory can be bought anywhere for a good price at equitack.com. Moreover, you can get them used, and they will still be working fine anyway.

Here, on Equitack we promote the finest product and the best accessories for equitation. Used or new you can trust their quality. We, then, sell used saddles and they are displayed online. Their date of fabrication is available, so you can check how long the saddle has been out for use. This also confirms how strong and reliable they can get even over time. Usually made with calf leather, the fine used saddle has various features and various sizes too.

You can try the saddle for a week or seven days, and if you are not satisfied, you can return it right away. You can also discuss and ask questions about what to choose as a seat in order for you and your horse to be comfortable. Usually, we would advise to place something under the saddle. That way, your horse-back riding experience will go just fine with your horse. We also advise to brush and take care of its back after you have ridden it. The saddle has to be taken away, and cleaned carefully to avoid breakings and problems.

If you are wondering about what accessory or how you should choose your saddle for horse-riding, the equitack website can help make that choice. All you need to do is to contact us for through the message box that is displayed, and we will be back with you shortly.

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