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Ways of being able to find the stool adapted to your horse

Do you want a new saddle? You had a new horse and you are looking for him? It's easy to find your equipment, do not worry. For this, stables professionals can help you. You can still try another method. On this, here is how to choose your saddle on the web.

The criteria of choice

Several criteria affect the choice of a saddle adapted to your horse. We must first define its use. That is to say, you will have to choose one according to the equestrian discipline that you want to perform like a dressage, an endurance, a CSO ... It is then interesting to choose a mixed saddle that will suit all these disciplines if you are lovers. In the practical case of a specific activity, only a suitable saddle is recommended. The saddle will also have to deal with you at the risk of becoming uncomfortable when you spend time on it. After the purpose of the use comes the budget. A saddle is a pretty expensive purchase. There is, however, for all scholarships. The french used saddles can be used if they have been properly renovated.

To know if the saddle is adapted

Horses are not all easy to saddle. These essential points must be kept to know if your animal is comfortable with it. The tourniquet must be free. The space between the saddle and the withers must be a minimum of two fingers. The shoulder should not be squeezed. The pommel and the cantle must be at the same height. This to put it in perfect balance. The panels must also free the spine. To do this, place yourself behind the horse to check that daylight passes. You will need to avoid stools that rest on the lumbar. After a session, the sweat marks on the horse must be symmetrical and uniform. If not, it would mean that there are pressure points. You will have a wide range of choices on the web regarding brands and colors. There are e-commerce sites specializing in equestrian equipment, including the website https://equitack.com.

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